Y&M Agency


At the origin of any project comes the desire, the need, or the need to change your atmosphere. The Y&M Agency offers you the opportunity to create unique, creative and controlled designs, based on a clever balance between precision, high standards, well-being and ergonomics.

The Y&M Agency was created in 2007, and has been perpetuating its know-how for several years, while remaining in line with the times.

Inspired by a modern and contemporary architectural vision, Yoan Masliah creates spaces that embody elegance and refinement. It is in a perpetual quest for perfection that he attaches great strictness to the choice and use of his materials, but also to his way of working.
This quintessence of design culminates in the precision of a team that constantly emphasizes the importance of being creative in its way of approaching the interior.

This love of architecture born from a family of entrepreneurs mainly specialized in the field of building and real estate.
Focused on the arts, and in particular the decorative arts, Yoan Masliah has always been fascinated by the transformation of his environment.

It is by playing with space, and by optimizing the light, by highlighting the materials and colors that our team creates, imagines, redefines and shapes an environment that fits you.

Étude & Conception de votre projet
Study & Design
of your Project
Rénovation d'intérieur
Interior Renovation
Optimisation d’espace

Space Optimization

Mobilier sur-mesure

Custom-Made Furniture

Matériaux nobles & éco-responsable

Noble & Eco-Responsible Materials

Réalité augmentée & VR 360°
Augmented reality & 360 ° VR


. Attention & Analysis of your request
. Site visit
. Plan statement
. Study & Design of your Project
. Modeling / Augmented reality / VR360 °
. Budget study
. Work planning
. Building permit / Prior declaration
. ERP compliance file
. Project Management


. General Contractor
. Exterior & Landscape Designs
. Building
. Renovation of all trades
. Site set-up & organization

Interior Architecture

. Space Planning
. Choice & materials details
. Furniture Design
. Custom Decorations
. Tailor-made development for any specific request

Kitchen and Dressing Room

Whether you want an architectural space, a space with a central island, a convivial space, a 100% dedicated kitchen space, a storage space (like a pantry).
Agence Y&M offers you all the trends from classic cuisine to modern or designer cuisine. We have solutions for all your needs!
Design of tailor-made wardrobes: A whole universe of tailor-made storage, solutions and interior fittings to combine, to make your wardrobe your best ally.